How do I receive an estimate for conservation services?

  • Every painting is different and therefore every treatment unique, it is not possible to give an estimate over the phone or by email.  Images sent by mail or email are helpful, but not enough to be able to give an accurate idea of cost or what the painting needs. 
  • Conservation costs are based on an hourly rate. We do not charge for the first half hour of examination time if you bring your painting to our studio.  Our hourly rate applies for all travel and on-site examination and treatment.
  • All clients are seen individually, by appointment only.  The painting is examined in the presence of the owner and minor tests carried out, with their permission, to aid in determining what the painting needs. Treatment options are discussed and a rough idea of cost is given. The owner then decides whether to leave the painting for a comprehensive examination and treatment proposal. The treatment proposal includes a description of the condition of the painting and lists the recommended steps for treatment. The estimate is refined based on the initial verbal agreement. Estimates are always expressed in a range to accommodate unforeseen circumstances during treatment. The upper end of the range is never exceeded, unless some truly mitigating circumstance arises, at which point the owner is contacted.
  • Treatment does not commence until the signed treatment proposal is received.
ConservArt Associates, Inc.

What if my painting
is of sentimental value only?

  • Every painting is treated with the same level of care and attention to detail. 
  • The value of your painting has no bearing on the cost of conservation treatment.


ConservArt Associates, Inc.

Do you appraise artworks?

  • Conservators should not provide appraisal services, as this represents a conflict of interest: A client may have less difficulty agreeing to an expensive treatment if they think their painting is valuable. 
  • If you require information relating to value or provenance on your painting, an independent appraiser should be contacted. 
  • Please see Resources for further information.
ConservArt Associates, Inc.

  • ConservArt Associates, Inc. offers coverage of works of art belonging to others through Huntington T. Block.

Do you offer insurance coverage?

  • An estimate of the time required for treatment is given at the time of consignment. 
  • Minor treatments can take a few days but more complicated treatments can take months.

How long will treatment take?